Shame on You

He was a little kid, as innocent as he can be.
In his mind a storm was raging.
“Why am I a boy?!”
His thoughts wouldn’t leave him be, and his questions were always left unanswered.
Looking at himself in his mom’s boudoir mirror.
He grabbed a red lipstick and colored his lips.
He wore a blond wig to cover his messy short hair.
Then he looked at himself, with tears in his eyes.
“I wish I look like that everyday”
He fell asleep dreaming how his life would be, if he was a she…
“Wake up u little beast, and get this thing off of your head! Shame on you!”
The yelling, the beating, the shaming, were too much for a little boy to take.
His mom is crying, regret is devouring his dad, neighbours dressed all in black.
“Alla yerhamo” they said.


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