“The Gay Guy”

Despite that my midterm went well (presenting a Drag Queens related project), I was labeled as “The Gay Guy” by one of the students at my university. It’s not because of my project, it’s because of my looks.

I am now more than comfortable in my own skin, being “me” is what I’m about, it’s people’s way of thinking that I don’t get and won’t ever, probably. I mean I get that most of them are narrow minded but being called “gay guy” as a reference instead of my name, stings a little. I’m not denying who I am – as I said earlier – but my sexuality is not the only thing that defines who I am.

Why do we keep forgetting that life is so much more than that? The conversation between any group of people immediately turns to be about sex or sexual orientation. What good would it do you if you go around judging people and putting tags on their backs? It’s not like we’re actual mannequins, “Oh this one is gay” put a tag on it.

It seems that shallowness is growing more than ever nowadays, and all everyone could think about is others sexuality. I guess they have nothing else to care about in there own lives.

I’m not saying you should be denying your sexuality, it’s the opposite, but I think you should be referred to by your name not by a tag. We don’t refer to them as “the straight guys” we just call them by their names, they just happen to be straight and we happen to be gay.

Some of you might say that we are fighting to be free, and I couldn’t agree more, I am with the movement. But we are not fighting for attention we are fighting for equality and respect.

I want people to be okay with my sexuality, but I want them to be interested in my personality, my art, my mind, my heart, and maybe laugh at my jokes sometimes…

My daily life isn’t about who I fuck, it’s about who I am,  because my sexuality isn’t the only thing that makes me different.

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