He Believed

He believed in true love, he believed in sincerity and dedication.

He believed that there’s someone out there who could love him with his imperfections.

He dreamt about the light touch, the soft kiss, the deep look and the tender hug.

He thought it was worth the fight, but he found himself all alone in a destructed battlefield.

He shouted his lungs out, but silence is all he could hear, no matter how hard he tried.

He was tied by the rules, “fat, too skinny, socially awkward, fashion disaster, poor, nerd…”

His heart had no voice, no pulse, no life anymore.

He felt unworthy of the fairytale love that he always dreamt about.


4 thoughts on “He Believed

  1. I can relate to that so much. But let’s get one thing clear. The only thing anyone is unworthy of, it’s sadness. We’re all worthy of being happy and of being loved just the way we want. So don’t you go thinking you’re anything less than great.

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    1. You’re perfectly right, everyone deserves to be happy. I believe that we are worthy to be loved the way we want to but I’m starting to doubt that it’ll happen (to me at least).
      You’re such a great person and I’m so greatful you’re here evertime I write a post (you always make me feel better)😄 Thank you for your support, it really means alot! 💛


  2. Fairytale love doesn’t exist … That doesn’t mean you should stop searching for love but rather to change your concept of love and that will save you a lot of disappointment.
    And another thing, each and every person is worthy of being loved and there is no question in that, the absence of transparent and honest love in someone’s life doesn’t mean he is not worthy of it, it just means that he hasn’t met the right people yet.
    And finally I’d like to say that one should not blame himself for things he has no control over, loving oneself and being confident are essential and then everything follows.

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    1. First of all thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment ♡
      I know fairytale love doesn’t exist, it’s all hard work and commitment and sacrifices but still beautiful. Maybe I expected too much with the person I like.
      I was having one of those moments, you know, and I exaggerate with my words for the sake of Art (doesn’t mean I’m not honest about what I wrote)
      And you’re right one should love himself at first, but we all have insecurities at some point.
      Thank you so much, this was like a reminder for me.


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