Cheers to a Year of Friendship

First of all I want to say that I’m so happy to share this special post with you, because it’s dedicated to a great person who I’ve met a while ago and we stuck together ever since. We may not talk everyday but we are there for each other even if one can’t help by taking action. Sometimes listening is the best remedy.

I was a guest on two of his posts, yes it’s the one and only HAVEN PURSUER. Okay okay I am so bad at remembering stuff, but Haven Pursuer and I met on twitter actually. All I remember is that he was nice and I was nice and we got along well, then he asked me to be a guest on one of his posts and I said yes, and our friendship kicked off ever since. (I hope I got the story right so I don’t get in trouble lol).

I never thought I’d have, like, a real gay friend, you know a blood and flesh guy friend who isn’t straight nor my boyfriend… I’m the timid kind of guy with few words, but he pushes me to let go and be myself and for that I’m grateful.

But, but, but Haven Pursuer is almost the complete opposite, I have no idea how we got along haha. He is fierce, confident, and sassy, he is also clumsy and goofy sometimes, got a great taste in fashion, and he’s hot y’all *wink wink*. I can feel his head get bigger already after all this praising (I had to say it boo, don’t be mad).

I chose to write this post because I won’t be able to say this in person, my words would stutter out of my mouth like “Uhmm, yeah you’re nice and cool” and he’d be like “Awww you are too” and then we go back to talk about boys.

I’m not gonna go on any longer, but I’m really happy and thankful I got to know a person as sweet as you are, who’s accepting of others and kind to others.

I guess it’s been a year since we’ve been friends now, so cheers to that and let’s SLAY honey!

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