Attention Whoring

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote something. I’ve been busy with my final exams, I still have one exam but it’s due at the end of the month. Anyway I usually write posts about gay problems, but I’ve been willing for sometime now to write about the fact that people on twitter are faking insecurities. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose (attention whoring) or it’s something psychological. I’m not judging, because who knows what people are going through, everyone is fighting a battle, one way or another.

I came across several tweets on my timeline that say “I’m so ugly” “I can’t eat anything, my fats are literally burying me” “No one likes me.” But for a fact, they are really pretty, very skinny and very popular.

Let me put it this way, people like fishing for compliments, they bait you with fake insecurities and you’re the poor fish that bites it. So this is a conversation that happens between any two persons:

“You look so pretty!”

“Oh no I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

Okay bitch you know you look pretty, why would you say your not? Insecurities? Being pretty and saying you’re not, ISN’T an insecurity. You don’t want the compliment the first time someone offers it? Then screw you, you don’t deserve it.

There are people who actually have real insecurities, they feel ugly, they feel hated, they’ve got issues with their bodies, then again who doesn’t. But faking it is just low.

And what makes me mad even more are the people who feed the “fake insecurities.” Like the ones who reply with “Shut up, I love you, you’re so cute!” I hate to break it to you, but yup that’s another kind of attention seeking.

Everyone is seeking for attention, acceptance, tolerance… because we are living in a very cruel world. But what I’m trying to say is that everyone is equal to one another, don’t ever feel inferior to anybody. You matter just as much as they do. Be confident and proud of who you are and what you do, and learn to accept a compliment if it’s the right one given.

I would like to know what you think about this, so share your thoughts if you please.

6 thoughts on “Attention Whoring

  1. Oh god you r soo light. It is like some people are spotlight seekers. I have a friend. He is the thinnest person i have ever seen and i swear 90% of the conversation is nagging on how much fat he has in his belly region. Like bitch shut up i not gonna tell you that you r thin anymore . Yes you are fat . Hit the gym. There are people who really are feeling bad . Those are the ones we should stand next to

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    1. Exactly! You try for so long to convince them but nothin changes. But eventually you give up, you’re fat? Okay you’re fat, suit yourself.
      Yes there are people that feels genuinely sad about something so hard to fix and they don’t even say a thing they just watch the attention seekers nag and feel worse about themselves.

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  2. I find this to be very true, but at times, like in the example you mentioned, when people compliment you, some people (entire Japanese and some other Asian cultures, for example) feel it’s polite to downplay it, tell them that it’s not true. In fact, in Japan (ik it through anime so it might not be 100% true everywhere), thanking someone for complimenting you is outright impolite!

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      1. I agree with that, but it still doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people are too shy to actually thank you for the compliment. This very common among people with anxieties (believe me, I was/still-kinda-am one). I know a girl who has a serious lack of confidence in herself, so she needs people to tell her she’s good at stuff daily, or else she will seriously think she sucks. She’s an amazing, amazing writer. I honestly believe she could create worlds far better than Harry Potter and the likes. But her lack of self-esteem makes her so vulnerable to the slightest criticism. Some people need others’ attention, because they lack the ability to give it to themselves.
        Halla2 I’m not saying that 80% of the attention-seekers aren’t vain attention whores. I firmly believe in that percentage. But the remaining 20% seriously need it, and I feel that complimenting everyone is worth it, if only for these few insecure people.


  3. Yesss in my post I was refering to vain people and yes the other 20% need it (I said in my post that some people have real insecurities) and I’m sorry if I didn’t deliver it clearer in my post. And and and if your friend is a blogger or anything I really want to read her writings if she puts them up for reading.


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