To Good To Be True

He’s the one that came into my life that easy, and disappeared out of it easier.

He looked into my eyes and didn’t say a thing, but I felt every word in his heart that his mouth couldn’t say.

He layed in my arms, his eyes closed, he looked as peaceful as a baby in his sleep. His hand holding mine, squeezing hard to let me know he’s awake.

The silence didn’t bother me, it was the good kind of silence. His heartbeats, his breath, his touch, were all I needed to connect with him with no words.

I felt a whole new kind of calmness, a whole new kind of happiness. But it never was love.

I had those feelings, the ones that make you feel light and high, but I hid them away, I tried to be the big boy and save myself the heartbreak. But my heart kept beating as if to free it.

I couldn’t, there was a voice in my head that kept saying “Don’t, you’ll end up heartbroken”

It wasn’t wrong. The moment came and he disappeared into thin air, as easy as it sounds. I was left in the middle of nowhere, all the green turned to black.

It was too good to be true.


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