Hi, I’m gay, I love you ♡

     I used to believe in love from first sight, I used to believe in sweet talks and all, but after experiencing several situations in our gay community, my beliefs has gone with the wind.

     “Hi, I’m gay, I love you!” That’s how it usually goes, okay maybe not that fast, it goes like “Hi, I’m gay, *inserts role* *inserts age* I love you”
Yeah, whatever dude, go play somewhere else!

     Some don’t understand how “love” works, it’s not by saying the word it’s by living it (at least that’s what I believe in).
See I’ve seen the ones who say I love you and never prove it, the ones who say I love you and don’t mean it, the ones who say I love you just to get laid, and the ones who say I love you TO YOU but they mean it for SOMEONE ELSE.

     I think that men by nature feel vulnerable, so they seek love and affection, and some of them just take advantage of you without even blinking.

     I used to be one of those who say “I love you” thinking that I feel what I’m saying but realising that:
– First: the guy I’m saying it to, doesn’t deserve the slightest of my feelings.
– Second: I’m feeling something but it’s still not as big as Love.

I know so little about Love, and I’m hoping one day to get to know the real feeling, but what I do know is that don’t say things bigger than what the feelings are, because that may cause some heartbreaking consequences.

Feelings- no matter what they are- are so beautiful and overwhelming so cherish them.

2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m gay, I love you ♡

  1. When it comes to love, all we have are huge misconceptions …
    Love is not the simple feeling of being “moved” by someone, or the mere want/need to be with them… True Love is a far more complexe feeling… It’s about breaking all the walls that one puts between himself and the person in front of him, it is about being comfortable showing your most intimite insecurities and be completely authentic in front of another human being… And this process take time and mutual effort, it is not a strike of lightning that happens in a few milliseconds, it is a hard and long process that requires dedication and commitment and I guess that only relationships that are built on strong bases are the ones that flurish eventually.

    Love is beautiful but just not as simple as we picture it …

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    1. It totally isn’t simple. It’s about full dedication and most importantly both sides should have the same love concept! Because how you and me believe love should be, isn’t the same as how others believe it should be. And that is the problem in all communities, not only ours.


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