She’s always felt like she was born in the wrong body, but never dared to tell anyone. Her parents would kick her out of the house, so she kept her mouth shut because she needed protection. Until she realized, one day, that she doesn’t deserve this kind of unfair life she’s living, she would rather hustle all her life then to be around someone who doesn’t accept her and force her to be someone that she’s not.

She left her home, and her parents let her. The streets were her home now, she beared the cold, she beared the dark and the wolves. She ate from the garbage to stand on her feet, but she never surrendered. She wanted to prove to the filthy community the badass man she is, she wanted to prove to herself that she deserves a better life, and most of all that she deserves to be free.

She never wore girly clothes, she always tucks her boobs so she looks like man. Everyone bullied her, shamed and insulted her. Every night she goes to bed, she would sleep with tears in her eyes, because of them and because of the thought that she cannot be the man she wanted to be. But when the sun comes up, she gets up stronger than the day before, walks out the door and fights to be free.

She finally changed, she finally got what she wanted, she finally looks like a man, and the “She” is now a “He.” He was the happiest, he felt free, he felt fully comfortable with his own skin. He was always a man at heart, but now his outside matches his feelings.

They never stopped the shaming once they knew, but he learned to fight for what he believed in, he learned to be happy, and he learned to only let the right people into his life. He’s on the top of the world and no one can take away his freedom now. And with this act of bravery, he saved his life and saved a lot of little boys and girls from living his horrid childhood.


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