The Law is Senile!

I know I’ve been M.I.A but in order to have a good GPA you have to work your hardest. Anyway I decided to come back with a very common article, which is about Homophobia.

So there is this astonishing young woman, she goes by “Max”, who’s only 17, and doing a very good job at life in general. But what I admire most about her, is her fearless acts of “Freedom of Speech”, which is a very simple right that all of us should practice PUBLICLY and FEARLESSLY!

Max gathered some of her friends (with LGBTQ rights), at her school, and called for a debate with another group of people (against the matter). Some of our brothers and sisters from the LGBTQ community offered her some help with only sharing some life obstacles due to living in a homophobic environment, I for one shared a little bit of my struggles that most of the LGBTQ members go through.

See it’s not that easy living in such homophobic society, not generalizing, there are people who actually have functioning brain cells to speak logic. It’s not that we want to be as equal as you are, because our creative and opened minds can take us to unbelievable places, besides who I sleep with ain’t your business. We just want FREEDOM

Max took the time to speak up about this, she fought with every breath to convince the opposing team how their narrow minds can hurt LGBTQ members, and how unhuman they are to deny such basic rights for them.

Before you go on and read what she has to say, I just wanna express how brave she was to defend such cause, it is important, especially in our society, to fight and ALWAYS try to remind people that we are as human as they are. She’s been very inspiring, I’ve always been a fighter for what I believe in, but to see people like her (I’m sure there is more of them) fight for what they believe in makes me want to live and fight even more to make a change.

Max’s words:

When I speak about the LGBTQ community in Lebanon I get a certain ache in my heart. Because, for a while I became very selective when it came to my friends. I’d keep the open-minded ones close and the racist/homophobic/sexist ones far. And through that time I got the illusion that the acceptance of the LGBT community in Lebanon is gradually improving. Until, this debate popped my bubble and brought me back to reality. When the opposing team walked in, it seemed as if they were coming just for the fight. They were homophobic and they wanted validation. They weren’t accepting of any opposing point of views. The comments I heard were mean, demeaning and dehumanizing sometimes. I was not even sure how to take them, when I a straight person feel offended by such comments I can’t help but think how bad LGBTQ people would actually feel hearing them.

This experience was an eye opener, be it because of my direct contact with the LGBTQ community in Lebanon, and my contact with the homophobic community in Lebanon. When you share these people’s suffering in their own country, their own “home”, you cannot help it but advocate the voice of reason. You cannot help but ask the future generations not to hide behind religion and society’s norms but to revolt against them. To have a mind of their own. To accept other people’s differences and not marginalize them for being different.

My final message is: judge people not based on their differences but on their resemblances for we are all equal in humanity.

Please do share this with all your friends, one person alone can’t make much of a difference, we stand together for Freedom!!!

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