The Truth

He loved someone once, he was little, he didn’t know much. He was blinded by the lies that he thought they were true. But one day he opened his eyes and realized.


They never loved him back, or maybe they did, but it wasn’t enough for him. Something was missing but he couldn’t see what it is.

What was hidden, is now in plain sight. None of it was bright. Now that he understands, now that he sees, he couldn’t but speak.

They chose something else, something replaceable but not to them, it became an addiction, something you can’t quit without help.

Then he thought: am I that worthless to them? after all the promises they made, after all the love I gave, am I still that worthless?

All of a sudden he changed, he was free from the lies, saved by the truth. He was ready to fly, free from his roots.

Although he was marked, by the biggest scar. A scar so deep, it might not heal, but it certainly changed him to something new, something better, something sweet.



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