Don’t Stop Believing

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been single. Spent a whole year stuck on love, then I created a very strong shield to protect myself from getting hurt again. The days passed by, and I kept my walls built up so high.

I used to believe in true love, where everything is romantic, where your story is a fairytale and where all you can see around you is magic. But that’s when I was younger, and blind with the idea of love.

Since I was young and wreckless, I didn’t think of what would happen when I’m with someone. Unfortunately, the thing I’ve had with the one who I thought I loved, wasn’t love. That screwed me over big time.

I am convinced, since forever, that happiness comes within yourself and doesn’t depend on a lover. The difference this time is, that I don’t believe in spontaneous love anymore.

I’ve met a bunch of people who I felt attracted to, but my heart always said no, along with my insecurities. I tried to put myself out there but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Then I realized, why would I stop believing, if what I had before failed? Failure is a sign of success. I also happen to know someone who fell in love in the craziest way possible, so I guess anything can happen in this world.

Being single isn’t a bad thing at all, it helps you focus on yourself, be a better, and a much stronger person. Also, being in a relationship isn’t bad at all either, as long as the relationship isn’t toxic.

In our Century, falling in love spontaneously or at first sight is unlikely or rather rare, but it is the perfect romantic story. But what I do believe in right now, is that Love exists, for everyone, the only thing is, it’s different for each one of us and that what makes it beautiful.

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