My New Obsession

Okay, okay so I’m gonna share with you  my newest obsession. it’s been going on for the 3 days now and I think it’s gonna follow for the next couple of weeks, maybe more I don’t even know.

So I’m not sure if any of you knows Michael J. Willet, BUT he’s one of my favorite gay artists out there. I’ve known him since he acted in the “GBF” movie, loved him even more in “Faking it” (which also premiered yesterday) as Shane Harvey the sassy gay guy, and of course by his music which is so effin adorable.


He recently was working on an album called “Regeneration” and he dropped “Phase I” yesterday, BUT I subscribed to his website to get the album a day earlier. AND I’VE NEVER MADE A BETTER DECISION IN MY LIFE.

The songs are so much fun, the lyrics are meaningful and the music is dynamic. To be honest I’m not a big fan of calm and soothing songs, unless I’m in a bad mood, so that’s why I was excited even more when I heard them, and that’s how the album became my newest obsession, it’s been on repeat ever since it dropped.

“Feed The Monster” is my favorite song of the album, because it’s the most dynamic song, I also liked it best because I think everyone, and I mean EVERYONE relates to it. It’s about needing love and attention and not being apologetic about it or ashamed of it.

You don’t want to see me jamming over this at home, my parents are literally shouting at me to lower the music volume down, but that ain’t happenin folks, sorry not sorry.

Anyway, you can go to his website and join the regeneration

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna try to finish my uni work, been procrastinating since forever haha. Wishing you a happy hump day and a great week!

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The Magic in Him

He’s the little boy whose life depends on a pencil and a piece of paper. He wasn’t the kind to pour his heart out to the world, he was the one to pour his heart on the paper.

Random strokes, random splatters were the magic that described him the most. He despised the real world, but created his own with a brush.

Raging storms, and cloudy skies were his peace of mind. He would look outside the window every time lightnings hit the sky.

But he was never dark inside, his heart was originally made of candy, dipped in glitter. Now it’s half sweet half stone.

He was brought to his knees too many times, but he kept going. Scars formed on his body. Each one of them telling its’ own story.

He witnessed the injustice brought by the world, all those shattered dreams, those broken hearts, and stolen rights.

He thought of the magic he’s got in him, and learned to fight with it.

The best revenge is the change.

He’s not the little boy anymore, the innocence in his eyes had disappeared. He wished to stay pure, but that will never be.


Ranting Anicorn

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. I’m gonna update you a little bit on my life for the past couple of weeks and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts with me, and I would be more than happy to know what’s been going on with you as well.

Ranting about this cruel world:

*Have you ever felt frustrated about stuff? Not anything specific, just in general. Being sick of what is happening around you, not sick of your life, but sick of other people’s lives.

I mean sometimes- which is most of the time for me- I just want to be alone in my bedroom and switch an off button that disconnect me from whatever else is happening outside my door. Crumble under my sheets and disappear for a while. It sounds sad but it’s actually not, it’s the place where I feel the safest.

Living 20 years in this cruel world has taught me a bunch of stuff, but what pisses me off the most is the amount of hate a person could hold in his heart. Everyone wants to get into everyone’s business, and with that, SHIT happens. I can’t see the point of hurting others for your own satisfaction!

I am so tired of hearing lies, and fights, and gossiping… Can’t just anyone mind their own business and be happy?

All I wanna say is that I wish people would be more peaceful and forgiving. Make peace with yourself so you can make peace with everyone else (almost).


Someone broke down my walls two months ago or so, I don’t regret letting him but things got a little complicated and I freaked out. It still stings a little when I think of it and sometimes I wish to go back in time and fix it.

But since my friend got bored of me nagging about that matter, he convinced me to meet new people, on Grindr, the weirdest app I have ever seen, but I actually met some cool guys on it. I explored a little of their minds and I’m happy to know that there are people out there that have craziness and well intentions within their personalities.

On the other hand, I encountered some bad experiences too, which is not a surprise, it’s Grindr we’re talking about here. Some of the profiles there scare or creep the shit out of me. There’s the “Hi, what’s you’re name, clear pic plz, from, your role” Kinda of dudes, there’s the “dick pick” out of nowhere kind of dudes, there’s the “Hi, wanna suck my dick” kind of dudes, and so on… hold your titties sweethearts because “not gonna happen.”

So that’s what’s been going on with my life lately, I’m so happy that I can share it with you and I promise next time it’s gonna be a creative post. Until then, I wish you a spectacular weekend, have fun, enjoy your time, and be safe *.*



Attention Whoring

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote something. I’ve been busy with my final exams, I still have one exam but it’s due at the end of the month. Anyway I usually write posts about gay problems, but I’ve been willing for sometime now to write about the fact that people on twitter are faking insecurities. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose (attention whoring) or it’s something psychological. I’m not judging, because who knows what people are going through, everyone is fighting a battle, one way or another.

I came across several tweets on my timeline that say “I’m so ugly” “I can’t eat anything, my fats are literally burying me” “No one likes me.” But for a fact, they are really pretty, very skinny and very popular.

Let me put it this way, people like fishing for compliments, they bait you with fake insecurities and you’re the poor fish that bites it. So this is a conversation that happens between any two persons:

“You look so pretty!”

“Oh no I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

Okay bitch you know you look pretty, why would you say your not? Insecurities? Being pretty and saying you’re not, ISN’T an insecurity. You don’t want the compliment the first time someone offers it? Then screw you, you don’t deserve it.

There are people who actually have real insecurities, they feel ugly, they feel hated, they’ve got issues with their bodies, then again who doesn’t. But faking it is just low.

And what makes me mad even more are the people who feed the “fake insecurities.” Like the ones who reply with “Shut up, I love you, you’re so cute!” I hate to break it to you, but yup that’s another kind of attention seeking.

Everyone is seeking for attention, acceptance, tolerance… because we are living in a very cruel world. But what I’m trying to say is that everyone is equal to one another, don’t ever feel inferior to anybody. You matter just as much as they do. Be confident and proud of who you are and what you do, and learn to accept a compliment if it’s the right one given.

I would like to know what you think about this, so share your thoughts if you please.

Cheers to a Year of Friendship

First of all I want to say that I’m so happy to share this special post with you, because it’s dedicated to a great person who I’ve met a while ago and we stuck together ever since. We may not talk everyday but we are there for each other even if one can’t help by taking action. Sometimes listening is the best remedy.

I was a guest on two of his posts, yes it’s the one and only HAVEN PURSUER. Okay okay I am so bad at remembering stuff, but Haven Pursuer and I met on twitter actually. All I remember is that he was nice and I was nice and we got along well, then he asked me to be a guest on one of his posts and I said yes, and our friendship kicked off ever since. (I hope I got the story right so I don’t get in trouble lol).

I never thought I’d have, like, a real gay friend, you know a blood and flesh guy friend who isn’t straight nor my boyfriend… I’m the timid kind of guy with few words, but he pushes me to let go and be myself and for that I’m grateful.

But, but, but Haven Pursuer is almost the complete opposite, I have no idea how we got along haha. He is fierce, confident, and sassy, he is also clumsy and goofy sometimes, got a great taste in fashion, and he’s hot y’all *wink wink*. I can feel his head get bigger already after all this praising (I had to say it boo, don’t be mad).

I chose to write this post because I won’t be able to say this in person, my words would stutter out of my mouth like “Uhmm, yeah you’re nice and cool” and he’d be like “Awww you are too” and then we go back to talk about boys.

I’m not gonna go on any longer, but I’m really happy and thankful I got to know a person as sweet as you are, who’s accepting of others and kind to others.

I guess it’s been a year since we’ve been friends now, so cheers to that and let’s SLAY honey!

He Believed

He believed in true love, he believed in sincerity and dedication.

He believed that there’s someone out there who could love him with his imperfections.

He dreamt about the light touch, the soft kiss, the deep look and the tender hug.

He thought it was worth the fight, but he found himself all alone in a destructed battlefield.

He shouted his lungs out, but silence is all he could hear, no matter how hard he tried.

He was tied by the rules, “fat, too skinny, socially awkward, fashion disaster, poor, nerd…”

His heart had no voice, no pulse, no life anymore.

He felt unworthy of the fairytale love that he always dreamt about.


A Dream I Don’t Wanna Wake Up From

Our bodies touched, our auras combined as one,

Standing in the dim light, my hands on the back of his neck,

His eyes  pierced my soul, I felt naked, but I was wearing my denim.

Then I realized, he was staring into my soul,

My fears, my sadness, my joys, my ups and my downs

All were visible to his sight.

With a simple touch, electrified, straight to my heart,

He dived deep inside, reaching for my abandoned core.

My feelings flooded my senses, leaving me overwhelmed and confused.

I felt like I was floating on air, like a feather dancing in the wind.

Even though I was scared to fall, but somehow he makes it feel alright.

My shields are unlocked, it was unintentional.

It felt like one of those dreams you didn’t wanna wake up from.

Every night, I lay my head on the cold pillow,

I close my eyes, and hope to see him.




“The Gay Guy”

Despite that my midterm went well (presenting a Drag Queens related project), I was labeled as “The Gay Guy” by one of the students at my university. It’s not because of my project, it’s because of my looks.

I am now more than comfortable in my own skin, being “me” is what I’m about, it’s people’s way of thinking that I don’t get and won’t ever, probably. I mean I get that most of them are narrow minded but being called “gay guy” as a reference instead of my name, stings a little. I’m not denying who I am – as I said earlier – but my sexuality is not the only thing that defines who I am.

Why do we keep forgetting that life is so much more than that? The conversation between any group of people immediately turns to be about sex or sexual orientation. What good would it do you if you go around judging people and putting tags on their backs? It’s not like we’re actual mannequins, “Oh this one is gay” put a tag on it.

It seems that shallowness is growing more than ever nowadays, and all everyone could think about is others sexuality. I guess they have nothing else to care about in there own lives.

I’m not saying you should be denying your sexuality, it’s the opposite, but I think you should be referred to by your name not by a tag. We don’t refer to them as “the straight guys” we just call them by their names, they just happen to be straight and we happen to be gay.

Some of you might say that we are fighting to be free, and I couldn’t agree more, I am with the movement. But we are not fighting for attention we are fighting for equality and respect.

I want people to be okay with my sexuality, but I want them to be interested in my personality, my art, my mind, my heart, and maybe laugh at my jokes sometimes…

My daily life isn’t about who I fuck, it’s about who I am,  because my sexuality isn’t the only thing that makes me different.


“Fuck logic” is an expression I like to use to describe ignorant people. They are the kind of people who make your face go like this “O.o” everytime you start a debate.

There’s this one time, I was sitting with two straight guys, and they were like “Earrings are for girls only” or “long hair isn’t a boy thing” or “if I ever saw a gay guy I would get disgusted, or even beat the shit out of him.”

I was just there sitting with them, with my untied long hair, with all my homosexuality sparkling around them, and they weren’t grossed out, nor felt the urge to beat the crap out of me, and that’s only because they didn’t know I was gay.

Not only straight guys think that way
, there are a lot of close minded straight girls, who think gay men are gross, but (and this is the best “fuck logic” part) they always hang out with this closeted gay guy, for fashion tips and emotion expressing, and they enjoy every second of it.

Everyone can expand their mind, but what I learned is that they blind themselves by choice. They are fine with gay people as long as they don’t see, talk or touch them (as if we’re a contagious disease) or they neglect the fact that their friend might be gay just because it’s not possible for them to be friends with one.

They hold hands in public, hug in public, suck each other’s faces off in public, get married and make babies, 2 years later they get a divorce, on the other hand, we (the lgbt) are the children of Satan.

Fuck logic, but we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.